Tuscaloosa County Alabama

Things to do in Tuscaloosa


Tuscaloosa Alabama has so much to offer adults and children alike! From Alabama football to theme parks Tuscaloosa has you covered!
Check the list below to find out about some of our great attractions!

Family Fun                                                                                          Outdoor Recreation                                                            Dining

Alabama Adventure Water & Theme Park
                                Bama Belle Riverboat                                                         Kozy's
4599 Alabama Adventure Parkway                                                1 Greensboro Avenue                                                         3510 loop Rd.
Bessemer, AL 35022                                                                       Tuscaloosa, AL                                                                     Tuscaloosa, AL
205-481-4750                                                                                     205-339-1108                                                                       205-556-0665
www.alabamaadventure.com                                                                                                                                                           www.kozysrestaurant.com

Children's Hands-On-Museum                                                     Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park                      Full Moon Bar-B-Que
2213 University Blvd.                                                                       12632 Confederate Parkway                                                1383 McFarland Blvd. East
Tuscaloosa, AL                                                                                 McCalla, AL                                                                              Tuscaloosa, AL
205-349-4235                                                                                    205-477-5711                                                                          205-366-3555
www.chomonline.org                                                                        www.tannehill.org                                                                   www.fullmoonbbg.com

Mallisham's Glass Slipper Carriage Tours                               
Tuscaloosa Veterans Memorial Park                              Dreamland                      
5339 Jug Factory Rd.                                                                        1701 McFarland Blvd. East                                                   5535 15th Ave.
Tuscaloosa, AL                                                                                   Tuscaloosa, AL                                                                      Tuscaloosa, AL
205-345-8496                                                                                                                                                                                         205-758-8135

Bama Mini Golf                                                                                  Critter Creek Farm                                                                  15th Street Diner                                                       
7825 Highway 69 South                                                                  15332 Cabin Creek Drive                                                        1036 15th St.
Tuscaloosa, AL                                                                                  Vance, AL 35490                                                                      Tuscaloosa, AL

Shark Tooth Creek Outdoor Adventures                                        Deer lick Creek Park
                                                          Maggie's Diner
  24114 AL Hwy 14                                                                             12421 Deerlick Road                                                              1307 Ty Rogers Jr. Ave.
  Aliceville, AL 35442                                                                           Tuscaloosa, AL 35406                                                           Tuscaloosa, AL
www.sharktoothcreek.com                                                                                                                                                                    205-366-0302

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